Furious lorry driver escorted out after heckling Sadiq Khan over controversial Ulez expansion

A lorry driver was escorted from City Hall by a security officer alert she heckled Sadiq Khan over his controversial Ulez expansion plan.

Angie Donnelly, 58, was sitting with other Londoners in the audience at an event to offer tips for dealing with the cost of living crisis.

She began arguing with the mayor after hearing money saving guru Martin Lewis criticize the timetable for the expanded Ulez.

Mr Lewis was invited to the event by Mr Khan but told the audience: "Timing is pretty tough to do it this year during the cost of living crisis.

"For the six per cent of Londoners who have those cars - pre-2005 petrol, pre-2015 diesel, they will tend to not be the wealthiest because they have not upgraded their cars in that time.

"So the timing is quite tough."

Above: Angie Donnelly is escorted out of the forum and calls Sadiq Khan a 'conman'

Ms Donnelly told ITV News afterwards: "There are people who can't afford to live, or look after their kids, can't afford to dress them, yet they want to extend Ulez down towards Essex!

"If they want to visit their loved one's grave in Upminster they have to pay £12.50 - it's disgusting!"

Mr Khan has come increasing pressure to postpone his plan to include all of Greater London in an expanded Ulez from August.

Responding to Angie Donnelly the mayor said he would not apologise for cleaning the air in London.

Mr Khan added: "We want to see all of London breathing clean air. The expansion of Ulez will mean five million more Londoners breathing clean air.

"If you are driving a polluting vehicle you are breathing in poison. When you're off work because of asthma, when you;'re dying prematurely because of respiratory issues it's good for no one."

An estimated 200,000 motorists a day could be forced to pay a £12.50 charge for driving older cars and vans which fail to meet modern emissions standards.

Mr Khan has announced a £110m scrappage scheme to help Londoners on benefits, small business and charities get rid of their polluting vehicles.

But several outer London boroughs have demanded the mayor postpone the project and introduce a more generous scrappage scheme.

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