Thousands greet King Charles and Queen Consort on historic visit to Brick Lane

King Charles and Camilla on their visit to Brick Lane. Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

The King and Queen Consort were welcomed by thousands of people from the British Bangladeshi community, as well as those who were involved in the anti-racism movement of the 1970s, on a historic visit to Brick Lane.

Charles and Camilla shook hands and chatted to well-wishers on a walkabout of “Bangla Town" in celebration of the contribution of Bangladeshis to the life of the nation.

King Charles was dubbed an “inclusive and supportive” monarch by a stalwart of London’s Bangladeshi community after the visit.

The King and the Queen Consort plant a tree during a visit to Brick Lane. Credit: Eddie Mulholland/Telegraph/PA

Charles and his wife planted an elm tree in a nearby park in memory of Altab Ali, a young man fatally stabbed in a racist attack in 1978, who had the open space renamed in his honour.

Ayesha Qureshi and Abdal Ullah, a married couple who co-founded the British Bangladeshi Power & Inspiration Foundation 12 years ago, hosted the royal visit which came after Charles met leading South Asians last October who suggested the Brick Lane event.

Ms Qureshi said she was “humbled” by the King acting on their offer to visit the heart of the Bangladeshi community, adding: “(It) just goes to show how engaged His Majesty is with the community in the United Kingdom, with multiculturalism, with the anti-racism movement.

“It may seem little, it’s just a visit, but actually the poignancy of it I think, is a very fundamental to what I hope will be a marker of his reign.”

King Charles III and the Queen Consort meet schoolchildren during their visit to Brick Lane. Credit: Eddie Mulholland/Telegraph/PA

Ms Qureshi said: “I think there is racism within British society but what this demonstrates is the fact that His Majesty the King is very attuned to the communities of this country, and wants to reign in a way which is inclusive and supportive of those communities.”

She told ITV News London Charles and Camilla were "extraordinarily warm".

"They're fun to be with, they ask questions, they're engaged, they wanted to know, they listened to our stories. They went to meet the crowds... I think it shows a real generosity of spirit."

The King and Queen Consort also met leading women from the local community in a restaurant, where they were given a takeaway bag of treats including jalabi, a sticky dessert enjoyed in South Asia.

Later, the monarch visited the University of East London (UEL)'s Stratford campus for its 125th anniversary, unveiling a plaque and opening its new hospital and primary care training hub.

He met student nurses who showed him six different mannequins that can also “bleed” and “urinate”, saying: “They are quite realistic, aren’t they?”

King Charles III then held an audience with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at Buckingham Palace during his first visit to the UK since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.