Dame Helen Mirren reveals bent finger, broken during fight scene during Shazam! filming

'I hit a cement wall!' Dame Helen told ITV News London

Dame Helen Mirren was left with a bent finger after misjudging a fight scene and punching a wall during filming for the latest Shazam! film.

Speaking to ITV News London the 77-year-old Oscar-winner showed how one of her little fingers was still out of shape after breaking it explaining: "I hit a cement wall!"

Dame Helen plays one of the villains – Hespera, daughter of Atlas – in the film’s upcoming sequel, Shazam! Fury Of The Gods due for release on March 17.

"I do have a big fight sequence and I did sone myself and obviously we have great stunt people and they help with the really difficult stuff," she added.

"But I did do as much as I possibly could. I didn't particularly train, just a bit of yoga in the morning!"

"But I'm not a sporty type of person at all," Dame Helen explained.

(left to right) Asher Angel, Lucy Liu, Zachary Levi, Dame Helen Mirren, Rachel Zegler, Djimon Honsou and Jack Dylan Granger Credit: PA

The DC Comics film continues the story from the 2019 original, which follows teenager Billy Batson who, on reciting the magic word Shazam, is transformed into his adult superhero alter ego, played by Zachary Levi.

Dame Helen said playing a goddess was a “lovely thing” as she did not have to think about portraying human complexity.

The sequel film sees Levi’s character fight against Dame Helen’s Hespera and fellow Greek goddess Kalypso, played by Charlie’s Angels actress Lucy Liu, and Anthea, portrayed by West Side Story star Rachel Zegler.

Dame Helen added that she thought exploring the world of ancient gods and goddesses was a “genius idea” as they were the superheroes of their day and that the sibling rivalry in the film also rings true to the mythology.

Born in Chiswick, West London, the actor said she missed the unique atmosphere of the capital when she was away filming, "the people on the streets, pubs at night and the sense of street life," she added. Her father also worked as a London cabbie.

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods will be released in cinemas on March 17.

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