Katie Price demands all officers behind vile messages about disabled son are dismissed

'They definitely have to be dismissed,' Katie Price told ITV News London - as Helen Keenan reports

Katie Price has demanded Met Officers behind vile messages shared in a WhatsApp group called 'Secret Squirrel S***' are dismissed.

Speaking to ITV News London Katie Price said all names and mugshots should be made public after eight serving and former officers were found guilty of gross misconduct.

A hearing found they sent "discriminatory and offensive" messages including some which made fun of Katie Price’s disabled son.

Harvey Price, 20, lives with Prader–Willi syndrome and autism.

The sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic and disablist comments were made between May 17, 2016 and June 26, 2018.

"They have to be dismissed, they have to be, I know there are a couple that have resigned which to me is the cheap way out - they don't want to go through all of this," Price told ITV News London.

"If I had my way I would want to see some sort of prison sentence but I know that can't happen with this.

"But they definitely have to be dismissed.

"Why would they want to keep them on the police force when you work with people to help people - especially people like Harvey with disabilities.

"Lots of things happen to people like Harvey. Imagine you get one of those police officers turning up knowing what they have done," she explained.

The officers mocked Katie Price’s son Harvey Credit: Nick Ansell/PA

The media personality and model said everyone should be able to trust police because everyone pays their taxes and deserves a good service.

Legal chairman Christopher McKay found each officer to have committed gross misconduct over their own messages, as well as by "failing to challenge or report" the conduct of others in the group.

The hearing concerned former sergeant Luke Thomas, former acting sergeant Luke Allen, former Pc Kelsey Buchan, former Pc Carlo Francisco, former Pc Lee South, former Pc Darren Jenner, Pc Glynn Rees, and Officer B, who has been granted anonymity.

Price added: "It is so upsetting to hear them read messages from Harvey where he is trolled - but then when I saw messages from this group with police officers even I was gobsmacked.

"I hear a lot and I can take a lot but it is absolutely disgusting and disturbing how anyone can think it is funny?

"If they met Harvey, he is so innocent and would not even know how to argue back and it is just upsetting.

"I want these police officers to realise, look what you've done!

"What goes through your head to think it is funny to put on a group chat the most disgusting things about Harvey.

"It's like a competition of who can say the most vile thing and it's been going on for two years, it's terrible."

The panel found the most senior-ranking officer in the group, Mr Thomas, “appears to have been one of the most active participants”.

Price said police officers should put themselves in her position and imagine how they would feel, adding: "If you had a child like Harvey, how it would make you feel if people were saying that about you?

"I think their names and mugshots should be in the paper and people should see who they are and I think it is disgusting.

"I think they should be ashamed of themselves.

"I get trolled and so many people get trolled but I can answer back and choose what I want to say.

"But when it comes to Harvey he does not deserve it and he does not know how to answer back.

"I want to protect Harvey - which is why I did #HarveysLaw for something like this.

"Not just on social media - even on a WhatsApp group you can get in trouble for. But if they weren't in the workplace can you still get in trouble for it - this is another thing.

"You can't have one rule for one and not the other - so people have to really think about what they say these days.

"You know when you're crossing the line and they definitely crossed the line here - beyond what I could even imagine.

"These messages are shocking! So I would be shocked if they don't get dismissed."

Learning disability charity Mencap, where Mr Price is an ambassador, condemned the officers’ comments.

A spokesman for Mencap said: “It’s absolutely appalling that serving police officers have been found guilty of sharing abusive content about vulnerable people, the very same people they have a duty to protect.

“We stand alongside our ambassador Harvey and condemn their actions.”

The charity added that it hoped the disciplinary outcome would “serve as a warning to those who turn a blind eye, or worse partake in bullying”.

None of the officers attended the misconduct hearing on Thursday.

The outcome will be announced on Friday.

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