'I live in the Tower of London - and no one believes me!' says TikTok star Megan Clawson

'No one ever believes me...' Megan Clawson told Anila Dhami

As London addresses go few are more impressive than that of TikToker Megan Clawson.

In fact, the biggest problem the social media star faces is convincing people she's not lying about the place she proudly calls home.

"I live in the Tower of London!" Megan told ITV News London.

"And it is completely what you think it is like, completely unbelievable.

"No one ever believes me when I tell them that I live here and often I can't even believe it either," she explained.

Apartments in the world-famous tourist attraction are, literally, priceless and Megan gets to live there because her father is a royal guard, known as a Beefeater.

But a place popular with foreign visitors can have its problems.

"There are so many photos taken that I've seen a few on Instagram where I am in the background looking worse for wear!" Megan explained.

She also described ordering takeaways to the Tower gate and making sure she doesn’t hang her underwear outside where tourists can see.

It's from the Tower of London that Megan has written the book, Falling Hard for the Royal Guard, exploring themes of loneliness, grief and love.

Even though the 26-year-old is dating a Royal Guard her main character, Maggie, is not entirely based on her.

She said: "There are no white horses, there are no knights in shining armor, but there are terrible Tinder dates and dodgy pub toilet floors - but a fairy tale is what you make of it."

While the book might be a work of fiction, living in the Tower is Megan's real life – and she wants everyone to know about, including living there in lockdown.

"I did TikTok just after lockdown when a lot of places struggled and I'm so grateful I've helped to bring a new audience to such an important monument like this."

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