Beyonce gives North London Nigerian restaurant facing difficult times £8,000

A popular Nigerian restaurant in North London is one of ten winners to receive a grant from superstar Beyoncé.

Chuku's in Tottenham has built up a loyal following since opening in 2020 despite facing a series of challenges.

At the end of last year, the owners launched a challenge to get 600 bookings in six weeks. They managed to get 801.

Customers range from A-list celebs and footballers to everyday people tasting some unique Nigerian tapas dishes.

The restaurant's good fortune continued this year after being given £8,000 by Beyoncé's foundation.

The superstar who recently sold out five days at Tottenham Hotspur's stadium, said her charity was also helping support businesses in London.

The Black Parade Small Business Impact Luncheon was created by Beyoncé's BeyGood Foundation to 'celebrate people, communities, and small businesses impacted by economic inequities worldwide'. Beyoncé committed £806,400 to support businesses.

Emeka (L) and Ifeyinwa Frederik won an £8000 grant from Beyoncé Credit: BPM Media

Emeka Frederick, co-founder of Chuku’s, commented: "This grant couldn’t be more welcome. Chuku’s, like other restaurants that don’t have a financial reserve, has been battered by lockdowns and the cost of living crisis.

"Every day, we’re fighting to stay open to make it to our fourth birthday. This money will make that fight a little easier and allow us to continue celebrating Nigerian culture on Tottenham’s High Road for the time being."

The Luncheon was held at the Four Seasons in Tower Hill where over 100 entrepreneurs gathered at the event with the chance to win £806,000 in prizes.

With over 400 applications, Emeka and his sister Ifey were a part of the 2 per cent of winners on the night.

Chuku's faced challenges from opening during the pandemic as well as rising energy bills.

The support from customers who flocked to help keep them running when they submitted their six-week challenge showed how highly rated they are.

At the time, Emeka said: "From day one of the campaign, support came in thick and fast. We are so grateful that we can keep on celebrating the best of Nigerian cuisine and culture for now.

"But don’t forget that we’re here 52 weeks of the year - let’s keep this energy going."

Even with Beyoncé's grant donation, her support even stretched even further. Due to Chuku's location and it being situated close to the stadium, many concertgoers visited Chuku's for their pre-gig meals, all helping to support one of London's 'best' independent businesses.

Ifeyinwa Frederick added: "I still can’t quite believe that Beyoncé has backed our restaurant - it feels a bit surreal. We’d already felt her impact when she was in town and concertgoers chose Chuku’s for their pre-gig meal, but this is a whole other level."

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