Wendy's or Wendys? Fast food restaurant changes sign after girl spots mistake

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Fast food restaurant Wendy's has corrected the sign at its Uxbridge branch after an eagle-eyed schoolgirl spotted a glaring grammatical error.

Nepheli, a pupil at Hayes Park School, wrote to the restaurant after she noticed the apostrophe in Wendy's was missing.

The school takes good grammar seriously and even has its own Apostrophe Protection Society.

Nepheli wrote to company bosses to inform them of their "grave error", adding: "As part of our English lessons, we were asked to seek out any punctuation errors.

"On the weekend, with my family, whilst we were wandering around Uxbridge High Street, I was about to enter your restaurant when I stumbled upon a heinous mistake.

"I was flabbergasted!"

The schoolgirl pointed out that the incorrect sign said Wendys and was missing an apostrophe when it should instead say Wendy's.

Nepheli said when she searched online every other mention of Wendy's had an apostrophe and she asked the Uxbridge branch to correct its mistake.

She added: "The children at Hayes Park, our headteacher (Mrs Broadhurst) and the APS would very much appreciate it if the miscalculation would be admonished."

Wendy's swung into action to correct the mistake and apologised for the grammatical blunder.

The company returned to the United Kingdom in 2021 and bosses said it was important the brand name and logo can be "quickly recognized" by existing and new fans.

"Ensuring that our restaurant signage is consistent in every city, country and continent around the world is a big part of that," a statement added.

The sign was put up by Links Signs who thanked the schoolgirl for spotting the mistake.

A statement read: "We would like to thank you for your letter bringing to our attention the missing apostrophe on the Wendy’s restaurant in Uxbridge.

"Your keen eye to detail and zest for the protection of the English language is both commendable and admirable, something my design and manufacturing team could clearly learn from!

"The fact you felt compelled to write a letter and raise the matter is further testament not only to your passion but also to your teachers for encouraging you to stand up for what is right and to raise it with those responsible.

"Never lose that passion and commitment to stand up for what is right and for what you believe it in!"

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