2020 The Musical: High and lows of Covid-19 turned into foot-tapping performance

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A West End performer who lost her job during the Covid pandemic has turned the highs and lows of 2020 into a foot tapping musical.

Natasha Mould was performing beneath the bright lights of the Savoy Theatre in '9 to 5' when the pandemic struck.

Lockdown rules meant performances were cancelled and Natasha had to look for work elsewhere.

"I wanted to make myself useful. I put something out online to see if anyone needed help with childcare," Natasha said.

"And then I got a call from a care agency and they said it was for elderly people - and I said absolutely, let’s go! And I’m still working for them today. "I had a lightbulb moment about seven months into the pandemic and I was doing personal care for one of the ladies (at the care home) and I had this thought about the juxtaposition from where I’ve come from and the glamour of the West End to the rawness of what I was doing in the pandemic," she explained.

Natasha told ITV News London that the message of what she learnt in her role as a carer needed to be told.

She explained the moral of the show was about how caring for the elderly changed her life for the better.

She added: "Although most people reflect on the pandemic negatively if we take the message of what we got from it we know now people live in the moment more and don’t take things for granted.

"For me personally it’s made me live in the where and now. That’s the message of the musical. "It’s an uplifting show. I think we will surprise people and it won’t be what they were expecting."

2020 The Musical is being performed at the Edinburgh Fringe from 14th to 27th August and is billed as a reflection of events, including bizarre government decisions, emotional ups and downs and overcoming the unpredictable.

"There’s a slot of love and laughter in it and satirical moments," Natasha said.

"The year was such a rollercoaster. We were on highs and then lows and that’s the show!" she added.

After Edinburgh, Natasha is hoping to secure a venue in London in 2024.

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