Whistleblower reveals corruption and collusion inside Wandsworth Prison

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An investigation by ITV News London has uncovered corruption and collusion at Wandsworth Prison.

A serving prison officer said staff helped smuggle drugs and phones inside, and a prisoner described how inmates get away with breaking the rules.

ITV News London was able to verify the claims by contacting a serving prisoner on WhatsApp who spoke about poor levels of security.

And just weeks after a prisoner allegedly escaped by hiding under a lorry, a whistleblower claimed vehicles were still not being properly checked.

"A lot of staff just don't care," the prison officer told ITV News London.

"We have enough drugs and phones in the prison for inmates to just have fun.

"It's not like in the movies and TV shows where drugs and phones are getting smuggled in bums, and this and that.

"A lot of it, I think, is being brought in by officers," he explained.

The serving prison officer spoke about his concerns to ITV News London Credit: ITV News

Critics said problems at the prison might have made it possible for an inmate to escape.

Daniel Khalife was said to have been working in the kitchens at Wandsworth when his alleged escape took place.

But according to the officer he should never have been there in the first place.

Asked if his behaviour was good enough to earn himself the privilege of working in the kitchen, he said: "No, I mean I wouldn't say he was a bad inmate but from my understanding there was nothing he had actually done to deserve that."

Authorities allege Khalife strapped himself to the bottom of food lorry as it was driven out of prison.

Our whistleblower told us all goods vehicles are meant to be checked thoroughly as they come in and out, but he says that still isn’t happening.

He added: "Obviously whoever the hell was working on gate two at this point wasn't or didn't care about doing their job properly."

The officer said he had still witnessed colleagues not properly checking vehicles.

Daniel Khalife's alleged escape sparked a four-day manhunt Credit: Metropolitan Police

Daniel Khalife denied accusations escaping Wandsworth and is currently awaiting trial.

The Lord Chancellor has ordered an independent investigation into what happened.

A statement from the Ministry of Justice said: "Escapes from prison are extremely rare and the Lord Chancellor has ordered an independent investigation into what happened at HMP Wandsworth.

"We have significantly improved conditions at the prison with two-thirds of planned security upgrades already completed, alongside new windows, repairing the roof and opening a new healthcare unit."

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