Mae Muller bounces back from Eurovision defeat with album and film role

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Mae Muller became a household name representing the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest, but she finished second to last after failing to inspire voters.

Far from the experience ending the career of the North London singer she said it helped catapult her career.

"Everything I could have possibly wanted from that I feel like I got and I connected with so many amazing people, Graham Norton knows who I am!" Mae Muller said.

"With my album so many people will hear it now," she added.

Sorry I'm Late is Mae Muller's debut album, a title partly inspired by how long it took her to write.

She said: "First song I wrote that ended up being on the album was just under five years ago. The last song was 'I Wrote A Song' which was in January."

During that time various life experiences have helped shape her music, such as 'Me, Myself and I'.

Mae added: "I wasn't interested in dating or giving my energy to any romantic situation. At first it wasn't 100% on purpose.

"And then I just invested all that energy in myself, my friends, my work and my hobbies.

"My standards sky-rocketed and I'm happy I did and I got a good song out of it!"

Mae also got into acting and debuts in action thriller 'Gassed Up' which was filmed during a peak of moped crimes in London.

She was initially approached to work on the soundtrack.

She said: "They saw my picture and said 'she looks like Kelly' which was the character I ended up playing and they said 'does she act?"

Mae secured the role and hope it may help her find future stardom.

'Gassed Up' premiered at the London Film Festival.

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