Car gets stuck on Shoebury beach as couple pull up on sand to watch the sunrise

Car stuck on the beach in Shoebury, Essex Credit: BPM Media

A couple's car was trapped on a Shoebury beach as they watched the sunrise yesterday.

The incident happened at the slipway on West Beach when an HM Coastguard Southend team was called just after at 6.30am.

The couple travelled to the seafront and parked their car on the slipway.

The car was reportedly embedded in the sand as the couple tried to turn around and created a deeper hole as they attempted to drive out.

The vehicle was surrounded by water due to an incoming tide.

The team helped the couple remove their possessions from the car before a specialist recovery company was called to pull the car out of the sea.

Rescue team on the beach in Shoebury Credit: BPM Media

The car was successfully recovered after it was towed to the high water line and collected by a low loader.

An HM Coastguard Southend spokesperson said: "The team were tasked at 06:37 to a vehicle stuck in the sand at the West Beach slipway with an incoming tide. "A couple had travelled to the seafront to watch the sunrise in their car from the west beach slipway. While turning around they had become embedded in the sand, and had tried to drive out leading the car wheels to spin and create a deeper hole than they were already in. "The team assisted the couple with removing all possessions from the vehicle before it became surrounded by water. They then contacted a specialist recovery company due to the vehicle being a hybrid. "Once the recovery company arrived, the vehicle was pulled from the water to the high water line to prevent it from floating, the vehicle was then ready for collection by a low loader."

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