Muriel McKay: Family anxious killer may not reveal all to police in 'never ending drama'

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The family of a woman murdered in a case of mistaken identity are worried her freed killer won't reveal crucial information to police after they agreed to speak to him in the Caribbean.

The daughter and grandson of Muriel McKay are desperate for Nizamodeen Hosein to be flown from Trinidad to Hertfordshire to reveal where her body is buried.

The family has already met Nizamodeen face-to-face and police are due to meet him after he said he wanted to 'clear his conscience' before he dies.

Speaking to ITV News London, Muriel's grandson Mark Dyer said he was pleased police were flying out, but anxious about what Nizamodeen would tell them.

He said: "I am worried about police interviewing him without my mother, I know with Matthew [the lawyer] it's fine.

"But I think that with my mother he wants to help so much and I think if she were there next to him he'll be saying it all.

"I think if we're doing this properly, let's really do it properly and not leave anything to chance because the family wants to bring him to England."

Family of Muriel McKay meet with convicted killer Nizamodeen Hosein Credit: Family video

Brothers Arthur and Nizamodeen Hosein were convicted of kidnapping and murdering Ms McKay in 1969. Arthur died in prison but Nizamodeen was eventually deported to Trinidad.

The brothers meant to kidnap Rupert Murdoch’s former wife, Anna, but got the wrong person.

Mark Dyer said he was hopeful the end of the "drama" was in sight, but it was crucial Nizamodeen returns to the UK to draw a line under the case.

"He was the last person there with my grandma and he hid her behind the barn - three foot from the fence as he continues to say. He wants to resolve it for the family.

"On that basis he should be there. And if he's not there then we're not doing everything we should do to resolve it.

"Surely its only a plane ticket away for him to come to the farm [in Hertfordshire] .

Mark said when he met his grandmother's killer he just wanted to tell his "terrible tale" and let his grandmother have closure.

He said the mood was positive as Mark pushed him for more information and just hoped police would "stick him on a plane" and bring him over.

"They need to see him and assess whether he is they can bring him back [to the UK]," Mark explained.

"I guess they're going to try and corroborate what we've seen. But it would be very difficult to replay the meeting with Diane [Mark's mother], which was he was so definite about everything."

A Home Office spokesperson said: "We express sympathies with Muriel McKay’s loved ones.

"While we do not comment on individual cases, we work with the police on any requests pertaining to ongoing investigations."

The Metropolitan Police said: "We most recently met some members of Muriel’s family in May 2023 and continue to keep in contact with them.

"An extensive search for Muriel’s remains was conducted in March 2022 at a site in Hertfordshire, unfortunately it concluded unsuccessfully.

"We continue to review any opportunities to recover Muriel’s body and return her to her family."

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