Jewish man verbally attacked on London Underground prompting police probe

The tense encounter was filmed on the London Underground on Thursday Credit: X/Campaign Against Antisemitism

Police are investigating after a young man was filmed staring aggressively and telling a Jewish man "your religion kills Muslims" on the London Underground.

British Transport Police have confirmed officers have launched a probe after a reports of antisemitism were made.

The video was shared online by the charity the Campaign Against Antisemitism and has been seen almost two million times on X.

It shows the other passenger blowing smoke from his red vape towards the Jewish man on the Northern line service between Chalk Farm and Belsize Park on Thursday.

The Jewish man, who recorded the interaction, asked the passenger why he was staring at him after he moved down the empty carriage to sit directly across from him.

"Have you got a problem?" he asks him.

After a few tense seconds with no reply, he asks: "Why have you got a problem? Why are you looking at me?"

The passenger replies: "Your religion kills Muslims, that’s why."

The shocked Jewish man responds: "What?"

The man, who confirms that he is a Muslim, then replies: "You kill Muslims."

The pair begin to have an argument after the Jewish man accuses him of being inconsiderate due to his vaping on the underground, with the Muslim man responding "I don't give a sh**".

Then the Jewish man said: "I haven’t done anything to you, you’ve got an issue with me, I’ve got no problem with you."

The passenger then replied: "You’ve done a lot... You’re wearing the hat."

The passenger refers to the man's brimless cap, known as a kippah or yamaka, worn by most Orthodox Jewish men at all times.

At this point, the Jewish man bravely confronts the passenger for his "anti-Semitism".

However, the other man, pixelated for legal reasons, replies: "But you kill Muslims."

The Jewish man responds: "I've done nothing... I've sat here on the Tube.

"What you're doing is antisemitic. You've got no idea what's going on in my head."

In the video, the male - who is blurred in the clip - stare at the victim from afar before walking over to sit opposite Credit: X/Campaign Against Antisemitism

The confrontation escalates as the passenger realises the Jewish man is recording him on his phone.

Following the incident, British Transport Police replied to the video saying: "Good evening. I personally spoke to the victim of this yesterday and completed a crime report for the incident."

Chief superintendent Chris Casey added in the thread: “When we investigate crimes, we are required to search for all available evidence. That includes witnesses.

“The video obviously is incredibly helpful, but it would be remiss of us not to also ask for witnesses. Someone may have seen what happened before or after, add more info.”

The video had been pixelated as the charity are concerned the perpetrator might be a minor.

“He is described as a Middle Eastern male with a black ponytail between the ages of sixteen to twenty years old,” their tweet added.

The incident happened at around 7.45pm on the Northern line on Thursday.

If anyone has any information or witnessed the incident, call the British Transport Police on 0800405040 or text 61016 quoting reference 677 28/02/2024.

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