'He put his foot on my foot': Hainault eyewitness recalls how she came face to face with suspect

The man attacked a 14-year-old boy who had just left his house to walk to school, ITV News' Chloe Keedy reports

An eyewitness has told ITV News of the moment she saw a man fatally stab a teenage boy in Hainault, London.

Aiste Dabasinskaaite said she was coming out of her home on Tuesday morning when she was approached by a man who asked her for the address of the area they were in.

"I thought he might have been lost or he might have crashed his car," she said, describing how his car was "smoking" after it had hit a nearby wall.

She said: "Once I told the address, he sort of moved closer towards me, he put his foot on my foot so I couldn't back off and then that's when he like drew out the sword.

"It was arm's length. It was honestly petrifying. I just ran down the road, I didn't even look back to see if he was chasing me," she added.

Shortly after, the man attacked a 14-year-old boy, who had just left his house to walk to school.

Eyewitness Chris Bates tells GMB how police tasered the suspect and 'pounced on him' outside his home

The boy died later in hospital, the Metropolitan Police said.

Ms Dabasinskaaite said she saw the boy coming out of her home and tried to warn him.

"My instinct was to shout and wave at him, which is what me and another neighbour did but because he had just his headphones on I don't think he heard either of us.

"It was sort of a moment where we just went from shouting to just blankness, just felt empty," she added. "You wouldn't think that would happen on your doorstep you know."

Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell said four other people were injured in the attack in Hainault.

Two Met officers suffered wounds that require surgery, with Mr Bell describing their injuries as “significant” but not life-threatening. Injuries sustained by two members of the public are also not deemed to be life-threatening.

Mr Bell said he did not believe it was a targeted attack, and it is not believed to be terror-related.

Ms Dabasinskaaite said the teenage boy, who was fatally stabbed, did not hear her shouts of warning because he had his headphones in

The 36-year-old suspect was tasered and arrested at the scene but has not yet been interviewed because of injuries he obtained when his van hit a house, the Met said.

The suspect, Ms Dabasinskaaite said, appeared "stressed" but like a "normal person."

"I couldn't smell alcohol on him," she added.

Footage of the arrest, obtained by the PA news agency, shows how officers shouted at the suspect, saying “Don’t move, don’t f****** move”, after he is brought to the ground by three separate Taser discharges.

The suspect was asking her for their location while on loudspeaker with the Fire Brigade, Ms Dabasinskaaite said

Another eyewitness of the crime scene told ITV News earlier on Tuesday that the teenage boy who was stabbed "never put a foot wrong"

"I was in shock, you don't think something like that is going to happen on your doorstep.

"It's more sadness now than shock but I can't seem to get the boys face out my head," he said.

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