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The results for the London Mayoral election, London Assembly and Local councils.

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Siobhan Benita hails remarkable election result

Siobhan Benita, who ran as an independent candidate for the Mayoral elections, says the past 16 weeks "have been the best of my professional life". She added that she wants to see "a change in the broadcasting rules" and " to ensure there is an independent voice speaking up for Londoners".

"It’s a massive result for me - an independent candidate, from a standing start, to be right up there vying for third place with the Lib Dems and Greens is remarkable. Brian and Jenny have had equal billing with Boris and Ken on the TV debates, they’ve had party election broadcasts, they’ve had months of media coverage. I’ve had none of those, no party machinery and virtually no funding. My whole campaign cost around £5,000. But what I did have was lots of passion, a small team of dedicated, creative volunteers and innovative policies."

– Siobhan Benita, former Mayoral candidate


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