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The Duchess of Cornwall went to Hyde Park as part of a campaign to reduce the theft of war memorials.

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Monuments that have fallen victim to metal theft

Over the last few years, thieves have targeted war memorials in Enfield, Lewisham and Surrey.

Brass plaques were ripped off the war memorial in Carshalton last year, apparently taken for their scrap metal value.

They were eventually replaced thanks to a £20,000 donation from a scrap metal dealer, who had been outraged by the theft.

The Carshalton war memorial following the theft. Credit: London Tonight.

The garden of remembrance at Broomfield Park in Enfield was also attacked in 2009.

In total, 16 brass plaques - containing the names of 15,000 war dead - were wrenched off the walls of the monuments.

The Broomfield Park war memorial after the theft in 2009. Credit: London Tonight
The Broomfield Park war memorial after the theft in 2009. Credit: Tonight.


Pictures: The Duchess of Cornwall promotes SmartWater campaign

Individuals and organisations which look after war memorials are being encouraged to apply for free "SmartWater" kits.

A unique traceable liquid, which is painted onto the memorials, "SmartWater" is virtually impossible to remove - and can even withstand burning and sand blasting.

Today, the Duchess of Cornwall helped to protect the Royal Artillery Memorial on Hyde Park Corner, by applying the fluid with a paint brush.

The Duchess of Cornwall kneels at the foot of the Royal Artillery Memorial on Hyde Park Corner. Credit: John Stillwell, PA
The Duchess of Cornwall shows off her paintbrush. Credit: John Stillwell, PA


Duchess of Cornwall at Royal Artillery Memorial

The Duchess of Cornwall meets members of the Trust in Memoriam campaign Credit: ITN

The Duchess of Cornwall has been meeting representatives of the Trust in Memoriam 2014 campaign at the Royal Artillery Memorial on Hyde Park Corner.

She is highlighting work done by the trust to reduce war memorial theft.

Memorial theft has been on the increase over the last couple of years as scrap metal goes up in value. The trust is trying to reduce these thefts by marking memorials with SmartWater, a liquid which leaves a traceable forensic signature.

Schoolchildren demonstrate SmartWater pens to the Duchess of Cornwall Credit: ITN
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