Boris gets stuck on a zipwire

London Mayor Boris Johnson was left hanging as he got stuck in mid-air on a zipwire at an Olympic event.

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  1. Ria Chatterjee

Olympics leaves Boris dangling

Mayor of London Boris Johnson got stuck halfway down a zipwire, clad in a hard hat and clutching two union flags. Mr Johnson tried out the 148ft (45m) high, 1,050ft (320m) long line as he visited Victoria Park in the capital for an Olympic event.

Ria Chatterjee witnessed the day the Olympics left Boris dangling.

Boris Johnson: I brilliantly decided to come to a juddering halt

After being filmed today by ITV London getting stuck on a zipwire, Boris Johnson spoke to radio station LBC 97.3. He said:

You may remember a long time ago, I fell in a river in order to promote volunteering. It was in exactly the same spirit that I brilliantly decided to come to a juddering halt in the middle of the zipwire in order to promote our wonderful live site at Victoria Park. Get on down to Victoria Park, folks. Free entertainment, hog roast, you name it. It turned out I was the Yuri Gagarin of the zipwire. I was testing it.


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