Boris: 'Wrong to abuse police'

The London Mayor Boris Johnson has said Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell's apology "underscores how wrong it is to abuse police officers."

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Boris Johnson wades into Andrew Mitchell row

London Mayor Boris Johnson has become involved in the row about the government's chief whip Andrew Mitchell and police officers guarding Downing Street.

Mr Johnson has backed the police officers who threatened to arrest Mr Mitchell.

The Mayor was speaking after a leak of the official police log of the encounter between the politician and the police.

Mr Mitchell has apologised for his outburst but denies using the words being quoted.

This report from our Political Correspondent Simon Harris.

Boris: 'Common-sensical' for Mitchell to be threatened with arrest

Speaking at the opening of a library at South Ruislip in north west London, Mr Johnson said people could not swear at police and expect to get away with it.

If I read the papers correctly there was a proposal to arrest Mr Mitchell for what he said. That seems to be wholly common-sensical.

The public order act does allow for police officers' discretion in this matter. They've obviously decided not to go ahead with it.

But it shows the gravity of this offence.

– London Mayor Boris Johnson


  1. Simon Harris, Political Correspondent

Boris: 'You shouldn't abuse police officers'

London Mayor Boris Johnson says Andrew Mitchell's apology "underscores how wrong it is to abuse police officers". Mr Johnson also commented on the police decision not to arrest Mr Mitchell:

That's an operational matter.

In my book you shouldn't abuse police officers. The crucial thing for me is Andrew Mitchell has apologised.

– London Mayor Boris Johnson
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