Trial of alleged gun supplier

The trial of the man alleged to have supplied a gun to Mark Duggan before he was shot by police, is continuing.

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Duggan was 'absolutely 100%' holding a gun says officer

The police marksman who shot Mark Duggan described the seconds before he opened fire.

Duggan, 29, whose death sparked widespread riots last year, was "absolutely 100%" holding a handgun, Snaresbrook Crown Court in east London heard.

The officer, known as V53, told the trial of Kevin Hutchinson-Foster, who is accused of providing Duggan with a handgun minutes before he was killed on August 4 last year, that he fired two bullets at him.

The subject was holding a handgun. Mark Duggan was holding a handgun in his right hand.

He was holding the pistol-grip of the gun. I could make out the shape, the outline, of the gun.

I could make out the trigger-guard and the barrel. The size of the object he was carrying was of a similar size to the handgun I carry operationally.

I was aware of previous police incidents in which criminals carry handguns in socks, and there is a black sock covering the firearm Mark Duggan is carrying in his right hand.

It is side-on to his stomach.

He said the following thoughts were running through his mind:

He's got a gun and he's going to use it on me.

– Officer known as V53
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