Mayor on airport expansion

London Mayor Boris Johnson has today addressed business leaders on airport expansion.

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Boris on third runway "Forget it - it will not be built."

Boris Johnson gave a firm warning to those in Government who want a third runway at Heathrow: "Forget it - it will not be built."

The Mayor of London, in his speech about the future of flying in the south east said said Heathrow was failing as a hub airport and Britain is 'losing out' as a result.

He claims the Governement has better options - to expand Stansted or to build a new airport in the Thames Estuary.

But what of the timings of this latest attack, coming so close to his party's annual conference? Our Political Correspondent Simon Harris reports.


New hub 'exactly what our Victorian ancestors would have done'

Boris to third runway supporters: "Forget it, it will not be built"

Johnson: "Heathrow is failing as a hub"


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