Cardboard cut-out vicar

A church parish in Essex has issued a plea for a new vicar, with a comical YouTube video.

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Pictures: cardboard cut-out clergyman plea

Where is the vicar? Credit: Parish of Woodham Ferrers and Bicknacre.

The video complains:

"We have a lot of weddings, but we've got no vicar.

"We have a lot of baptisms, but we've got no vicar.

"We've got a lovely Church of England primary school, but we've got no vicar."

How can church-goers get married without a vicar? Credit: Parish of Woodham Ferrers and Bicknacre.
Who will talk to the children in assembly? Credit: Parish of Woodham Ferrers and Bicknacre.

Video created after lack of vicar applicants

Church-goers decided to create the video after an initial job advert failed to prompt any applications.

St Andrew's Church in Bicknacre - one of the two churches where the new minister would be working - said that it hoped the video would give potential applicants a better understanding of the parish.

" We advertised the vacancy in the summer and have had no applications at this time. But we are not disheartened, as we have faith that God will provide the right person (and we hope that anyone considering the position does too!). Although we have tried our best to summarise the parish in the parish profile, we hope that the videos below will help anyone interested in this position understand a bit more about our parish. "

– St. Andrew's Church - Bicknacre

The closing date for applications is the 8th of November 2012.

Cardboard cut-out no match for real vicar

The Essex parish is looking for a new Associate Minister, with duties including:

  • developing and growing the churches

  • evangelising, through the parish sports teams

  • developing a ministry of prayer and Bible study.

But it is quite clear that he or she will also need a good sense of humour.

Alongside the formal job description on the Chelmsford diocesan website is a comical YouTube video, in which local church-goers spell out - quite literally - why there has been a hole in parish life without a vicar. It's performed complete with a cardboard cut-out clergyman and humourous out-takes.


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