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A film has been made about life in the London Borough of Barnet and it is being screened at the Phoenix Cinema in Finchley.

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Barnet Council under spotlight in new film

A film has been made about Barnet Council and it is getting its own premiere at a cinema in East Finchley.

This has happened because Barnet Council is pioneering radical policies, which means it outsources many of its public services.

Too radical, in the mind of its critics - who include the makers of the film.

The full story now from Rags Martel.


  1. Rags Martel

Barnet film attacks outsourcing of services

Lights, camera, activism. It's usually the glitz and glamour of Hollywood that draws people to a movie premiere. But tonight the silver screen will show a film on Barnet and its councillors.

Barnet – The Billion Pound Gamble is an attack on the council's decision to outsource its services.

The documentary has been put together by US filmmaker Charles Honderick and producer Roger Tichborne.

The film explores how the outsourcing, cuts to care budgets and new parking issues have affected Barnet residents.

Barnet Council say the One Barnet programme is popular and saves taxpayers money.

The documentary will be screened at the Phoenix Cinema in Finchley on Monday October 22nd at 6pm

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