Child opera hit

Seven-year-old Alma Deutscher has written her own opera and is a Youtube hit.

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Young opera composer compared to Mozart

A seven-year-old girl has already composed her first opera and she is being compared with Mozart. Alma Deutscher, who lives in Dorking in Surrey, says the idea for her work, called The Sweeper of Dreams, came to her while she was sleeping.

This is unusual for Alma, because she says some of her best compositions were created while she was on the swing in her garden. Sharon Thomas went to meet her.


Seven-year-old becomes YouTube opera star

Seven-year-old Alma Deutscher, who has composed her own opera, has become an internet sensation. The youngster became a star after videos of her playing her music were viewed more than 300,000 times after her father put them on YouTube.

The first major composition by the skilled composer, violinist and pianist was also given the thumbs up by the English National Opera.

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