Abu Qatada released

Terror suspect Abu Qatada is to be released from prison after winning his appeal against deportation to Jordan at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission.

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Abu Qatada released from jail

Terror suspect Abu Qatada arrived back to his home in North West London today, to chants of 'Get him out'.

The Muslim cleric won his battle against extradition to Jordan yesterday -- and was released on bail.

This morning he was driven from prison in Worcestershire to Wembley -- where journalists, photographers and a small group of protesters were waiting, as Toby Sadler reports.

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Cameron 'fed up' Abu Qatada is still in the UK

Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken of his frustration that Abu Qatada is still in the UK.

Speaking at a news conference in Italy, where he has travelled for talks with his counterpart Mario Monti, he said: "I'm fed up he's still at large in the country. It's extremely frustrating".

Mr Cameron also said that the latest judgement will be appealed.

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Qatada protesters brand bail decision a 'disgrace'

Protesters who attended a small demonstration at Abu Qatada's London house have hit out at the ruling allowing him to be released on bail from prison while he fights his deportation case.

Jackie Chaunt, 50, who works in the area as an admin assistant and jeered his homecoming, said she believed the terror suspect should either be "in prison or back in his own country".

I work down the road and I'm not happy that he's back. He shouldn't be here. He was supposed to be deported to Jordan. It's a disgrace.


Everyone is on tenterhooks, worrying about what will happen. I'm not happy because of what he's been linked to. We're all paying for this as taxpayers. It's ridiculous.


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