Winslet backs campaigner

Actress Kate Winslet has pledged her support for a woman from Hillingdon who's campaigned for nearly two decades for better awareness of autism. Anna Kennedy is has received an OBE today for her work.

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OBE for autism campaigner

Anna Kennedy has two children - one has autism, the other Asperger's Syndrome.

For years she has campaigned to help them and other youngsters with those conditions and that has even included opening her own school.

Today Anna, who is from Hillingdon, received an OBE from the Queen and an unexpected bonus - an offer of help from an Oscar-winner.

Paul Brand was there.

VIDEO: Kate Winslet humbled by honour

Actress Kate Winslet was also at Buckingham Palace today. She spoke to London Tonight after receiving her CBE. She seemed humbled by receiving the honour.

She said: "I think why was I given one of these when you're sitting next to people who have done such extraordinary things for the protection of children online, services to drama pales in comparison but it's an unbelievable honour."


Royal reward for inspirational mother

Mrs Anna Kennedy from Uxbridge is made an OBE by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. Credit: PA

Anna Kennedy from Hillingdon was at Buckingham Palace to receive an OBE from the Queen for her campaigning work to help her two children, one has autism, the other has Asperger's Syndrome.

She had also helped other youngsters with those conditions.

As part of her work over the years she has opened her own school.

Autism mum's OBE

Anna Kennedy's two sons have autism Credit: ITN

A mother of two boys with autism is receivng an OBE today. Anna Kennedy from Hillingdon has campaigned for better understanding of the condition for nearly twenty years.

When she couldn't get school places for her two sons in 1999, she set up Hillingdon Manor School, a specialist primary for children with autistic spectrum disorders. Since then, she's won a host of awards and has written a book about her struggle to get a good education for her children.

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