Brixton murder trial

The trial has begun of two men accused of the murder of a 17-year-old in Brixton. Nelson Idiabeta, 18, and Nathaniel Okusanya, 19, deny murdering Kwame Ofosu-Asare, 17, from Catford. Kwame, was attacked in Adelaide Close in March.

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Brixton murder: latest from Old Bailey

Latest from the Old Bailey:

On the day of the killing, Kwame and his friend had gone to to a music studio in Brixton.They were about to head to Denmark Hill train station when the friend remembered he had to collect a bag from an aunt who lives on the Moorlands Estate.

The jury heard that on their way there, the pair bumped into two boys on bicycles they knew by sight, who warned them there were youths in the area "acting suspiciously". A witness saw how the four suddenly separated, with the two on foot running and the two on bikes riding away at speed.

Chased down Adelaide Close, Kwame and his friend knocked on the aunt's door but she was out.

The friend urged him to jump over a 6ft wall to escape, but Kwame didn't follow. From behind the wall, he could hear Kwame pleading: "I'm not from round here".

The two defendants deny murder.

Brixton murder latest

Latest from Ronke Phillips reporting from court:

The trial has begun of two teenagers accused of murderingKwame Ofosu-Asare in broad daylight on the Moorlands housing estate in Brixton.

The prosecution says Kwame was innocent victim of a poisonous andsenseless feud between two rival gangs.

Kwame and his friend were ambushed and chased until they were cornered in cul de sac. The friend got away but Kwame was caught and stabbed 14 times.

The prosecution alleges the attack had its roots in an attack by the Gas gang on a member of the TN1 gang earlier same day.

The defendants were allegedly caught on CCTV attempting unsuccessfully to buy a knife. They later persuaded someone to buy it for them


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  • Teens deny Brixton murder

    Two teenagers have denied murdering a 17-year-old in Brixton. Kwame Ofosu-Asare was attacked as he walked with a friend in Adelaide Close.