Playground protesters evicted

Protesters have been evicted from Battersea Park Adventure Playground allowing the council to start redeveloping it.

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Wandsworth Council: squatters left this mess

The council described the mess left by protesters as 'squalid' and 'disgusting' Credit: Wandsworth Council

Wandsworth Council has sent these photos of the mess left by squatters at the Battersea Park Adventure Playground.

The protest group was occupying the playground to try to stop workmen moving in to knock it down, which they began to do today.

Wandsworth Council: “They claimed they were occupying the playground for some high moral cause" Credit: Wandsworth Council

In a statement, the council said

"The squatters have vandalised furniture and ransacked the single storey play building within the playground site. A sofa has been spray painted with obscene anti-police messages, while filing cabinets have been emptied and furniture and other fixtures left damaged

Protesters are angry that staff at the adventure playground have been made redundant, and new, less adventurous equipment is being installed Credit: Wandsworth Council

Mess and dirt has been spread over floors. The clean-up operation is an extra burden for local taxpayers who have already been landed with a £30,000 bill as a result of the squatters’ unlawful occupation of the playground."

Battersea Park playground dismantled

Workmen took chainsaws to the slide and diggers broke up climbing frames at Battersea Park playground Credit: Nick Thatcher / ITV London

Workmen have begun dismantling Battersea Park Adventure Playground. The site was closed by Wandsworth council last October despite local opposition. The council now plans to install £200,000 worth of new play equipment which will not require staff supervision.

Workmen move in after protesters, who have been occupying the playground, were evicted. Credit: Nick Thatcher / ITV London


Wandsworth Council welcomes eviction

Wandsworth Council has welcomed the eviction of the protesters who were occupying Battersea Park playground. They say they can now begin the £200,000 redevelopment of the site but the protest has cost Wandsworth taxpayers £30,000.

"The presence of the squatters was preventing these improvement works from beingcarried out and jeopardising our plans to reopen it at the start of the school Easter holiday. These unnecessary delays coupled with the legal and policingcosts have left taxpayers with a £30,000 bill, which will have to be met fromexisting budgets and unfortunately this could have a knock-on effect onservices to young people in the area."

– Charlie Masson Smith, Wandsworth Council

Battersea Park squatters evicted

Wandsworth Council has evicted a group of protesters who had occupied a playground in Battersea Park. They had taken over the site after the council planned to redevelop it as an unsupervised facility.

However, Wandsworth Council say they could no longer afford to keep supervisors at the playground and add that the new replacement facility would be enjoyed by children.

Wandsworth Council image of the plan for the new playground. Credit: Wandsworth Council


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