Charles & Camilla on the tube

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall hopped on the tube today to mark the underground's 150th birthday.

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Tube facts #10

Most distant places served

Approximate distances from central London

Epping to Liverpool Street 27km (16 miles) - North

Morden to Moorgate 16km (10 miles) - South

Upminster to Tower Hill 25km (15 miles) - East

Chesham to Aldgate 47km (29 miles) - West

Tube facts #8

There are many reports of the London Underground being haunted. One of the most famous haunting stories is the story of Anne Naylor, murdered in 1758 and said to haunt Farringdon Station. Passengers have often reported hearing blood curdling screams as the last train leaves.

Covent Garden station on the Piccadilly Line is said to be haunted by a man dressed in evening wear who disappears very suddenly. Some staff members have refused to work at the station because of him.


Tube facts #7

The longest continuous journey on the Underground is on the Central Line where a journey from West Ruislip to Epping covers just over 34 miles. But the longest journey underground is on the Northern Line: if you travel between Morden and East Finchley, you will travel more than 17 miles underground

The longest distance between stations is on the Metropolitan Line; Chesham is nearly 4 miles from Chalfont & Latimer. The shortest distance is on the Piccadilly Line: Leicester Square and Covent Garden stations being a mere 0.16 miles. With escalators and lifts at each end, it's quicker to walk!

The shortest line on the system is the Waterloo & City which at 1.38 miles easily beats the former holder of the title, the East London Line (five miles) when the former was taken over from British rail in 1994.



Tube facts #6

The highest point reached by tube trains is at Amersham on the Metropolitan Line at about 500 feet above sea level. However the highest point above the ground is reached on the Dollis Brook Viaduct on the Mill Hill East branch of the Northern Line which is 60 feet above the road below.

The lowest point on the system is just south of Waterloo station, where the tracks are 70 feet below sea level. The absolute deepest part of the system is also on the Northern where, below Hampstead Heath, the rails are over 220 feet below the ground.


Tube facts #5

Famous disused stations include Aldwych, British Museum, Down Street, King William Street and Lord's and are used as sets for films or TV programmes, although none featuring vandalism, firearms, fare evasion, smoking, terrorism or nudity

SOURCE: David Long 'The Little Book of the London Underground'

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