Tower block alternatives

High-rise housing blocks should be bulldozed and replaced with terraced homes to help tackle social problems and remove "no-go" areas, a think-tank report argued has argued.

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Call for towers blocks to be taken down

Calls for high-rise housing to be bulldozed have re-ignited a debate as old as the tower block itself. The London skyline is still populated with numerous examples dating back to the sixties.

The centre-right think tank Policy Exchange claims traditional terraced streets and low-rise flats could provide more than a quarter of a million new homes in the capital.

The 60's built Cavan House and Antrim House, in Old Ford, Hackney in East London, during their demolition by explosives Credit: PA

Theauthor of the Policy Exchange report Nicholas Boys Smith said: "It's timewe ripped down the mistakes of the past."

Butdevelopers have spotted a lucrative market in luxury high-rise apartments -think The Shard - which suggest a growing demand for a room- with-a-view.

Thatand the density of housing and shortage of space suggest the high-rise will bearound for a long time yet.

Bulldoze high rise blocks to keep crime down

Tower blocks should be replaced by houses Credit: Reuters

A think tank has said that high rise housing blocks should be bulldozed and replaced with houses in a bid to tackle social problems and "no go" areas. A Policy Exchange report said there was evidence that multi storey flats attracted higher crime rates.

Citing the example of the 2009 Camberwell Tower block fire in London, the report claims that the blocks can be 'occasionally lethal', encouraging 'more stress, mental health difficulties, neurosis and marriage breakdowns'.


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