22% not native English speakers

Figures from the 2011 census have revealed that 22% of Londoners do not speak English as their first language.

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Londoners 'in good health' according to census

London has a relatively healthy population. Credit: REUTERS/Paul Hacket

London has the best levels of good health among its population, according to the census - at 84%, compared with 81% nationally.

The city also has relatively few people whose daily activities are limited because of disabilities or health problems - with the London borough of Wandsworth bottom of the list for all local authorities.

Census indicates cycling boom

161,700 people now cycle to work in London. Credit: REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

The census appeared to confirm a boom in cycling in London, with 161,700, or 2.6% of the population, using this form of transport to get to work in the capital.

This compared with 77,000 a decade ago, the ONS said, but these figures were not strictly comparable as the 2001 figures did not include those people who said they worked from home.

Meanwhile 50%, or two million people, used public transport to get to work in London.


What are the UK's most common languages?

Here is a breakdown of the main 20 mother-tongues spoken by people in the UK, according to the 2011 Census.

  • English (English or Welsh if in Wales) 49,808,000 or 92.3% of the population
  • Polish 546,000 or 1%
  • Punjabi 273,000 or 0.5%
  • Urdu 269,000 or 0.5%
  • Bengali (with Sylheti and Chatgaya) 221,000 or 0.4%
  • Gujarati 213,000 or 0.4%
  • Arabic 159,000 or 0.3%
  • French 147,000 or 0.3%
  • All other Chinese (excludes Mandarin and Cantonese) 141,000 or 0.3%
  • Portuguese 133,000 or 0.2%
  • Spanish 120,000 or 0.2%
  • Tamil 101,000 or 0.2%
  • Turkish 99,000 or 0.2%
  • Italian 92,000 or 0.2%
  • Somali 86,000 or 0.2%
  • Lithuanian 85,000 or 0.2%
  • German 77,000 or 0.1%
  • Persian/Farsi 76,000 or 0.1%
  • Tagalog/Filipino 70,000 or 0.1%
  • Romanian 68,000 or 0.1%

41% in Newham speak language other than English

Of all the regions in the UK, London had the highest proportion (22%) of people for whom English was not their first language (in the North East it was as low as 3%). And within the city, Newham stands out the most, with 41% of the population speaking a language other than English.

In all but three of the London boroughs - the City of London, Richmond Upon Thames, and Hillingdon - more than 100 languages were listed as main languages.

And Ealing now has the highest number of Polish speakers, at 6% of their population. Polish is now the second most common mother-tongue across the UK - with 546,000 speakers throughout the country.

English not first language for 22% of Londoners

22% of Londoners do not speak English as their first language. Credit: REUTERS/Paul Hackett

Figures from the 2011 census have revealed that 22% of Londoners do not speak English as their first language. That's 1.7million people who have a different mother-tongue.

Nationally, the figure stood at only 8% - around four million people.

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