Backpacker leaves hospital

The Richmond teenager, who went missing in the Australian outback for three days, has thanked his rescuers after being released from hospital.

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Rescued teen to stay in Australia

Sam Woodhead says that he intends to continue his travels in Australia and beyond, despite his ordeal in the outback.

The teenager from Richmond is on a gap-year trip and plans to visit the Himalayas before returning home.

His mother, Claire Derry, who flew out while he was still missing, says she will take a short holiday with him in Brisbane.


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British backpacker 'very fortunate' to be alive

A British backpacker who went missing for three days in the Australian outback said he felt "very fortunate" to be alive, in an interview with Sky News.

Sam Woodhead was missing for three days. Credit: Family handout

Sam Woodhead became lost after going out for a jog from the Queensland cattle station where he was working.

The 18-year-old lost two stone in weight and survived the blistering 40C heat by drinking contact lens fluid and his own urine.

Woodhead said: "It was a really amazing feeling to be picked up and realise that I was actually going to make it through...and it wasn't going to be the end."

Claire Derry, Sam's mother, said: "His birth was one of the best moments of my life, and this is pretty close to it, getting him back again, because I was pretty convinced it was touch and go. I did an awful lot of praying during that flight."

Backpacker due to be released from hospital

The backpacker who went missing in the Australian outback for three days is due to be released from a Queensland hospital later today.

Sam Woodhead has been recovering there after he got lost whilst out jogging.

Sam Woodhead survived for three days by drinking contact lens solution

The 18 year-old survived by drinking by contact lens solution before being found on Friday and was transferred to a hospital in Longreach where he has been since.


Backpacker recovering in hospital

The mother of the back-packer, who was lost for three days in the Australian outback, says he looks fantastic - despite his ordeal.

Claire Derry has been reunited with her son, Sam, who survived by drinking contact lens solution.

As more details of his dramatic rescue emerge - she says he's incredibly lucky to be alive.Toby Sadler has the story.

First picture of missing backpacker

An Australian television network has published a photograph of the Richmond teenager, who went missing in the outback for three days.

Sam Woodhead was lifted to safety by an air ambulance, after surviving by drinking contact lens solution and his own urine.

Paramedics attend to Sam Woodhead. Credit: Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Family of backpacker celebrate

The mother of an eighteen year old student who was missing in the Australian outback for 3 days, said she 'sobbed and sobbed' when she found out he was alive.

Clare Derry was on a flight from Singapore to Australia when the captain came out to tell her the good news that Sam had been rescued.

Sam is on a gap year, and had disappeared while out running earlier this week. ITV News were the first people to speak to his mum when she landed in Australia.

Meanwhile, back here Sam's dad and sister were also celebrating the news, as Paul Brand reports.

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