London Underground art work

An artist is attempting to paint every one of London's underground stations.

So far Ross Ashmore has has completed 210 of the 267 stations, which has taken hims three years.

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Artist attempts to paint all 267 London Underground Stations

Holloway Road Station. Credit: Ross Ashmore

Artist Ross Ashmore has embarked on an ambitious task of painting all 267 London Underground Stations.

So far he has completed 210 and the project has taken him 3 years.

To coincide with this year's 150th Anniversary of London Underground, he will finally complete all the paintings, of all the stations, this summer.Ross' paintings are about to go on display for one month in a pop-up gallery that Londoners can visit for free.

The show runs from 4th March - 5th April at the Space gallery in Southgate.


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