'Famous' figurines stolen

Miniatures of famous refugees that were being displayed on London's streets for Refugee week have been stolen.

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The man behind the miniatures

Marcus Crocker is the man behind the miniature famous refugees that have been placed around the capital. The 23-year-old artist specialises in creating sculptures that convey a message, to be left on the street.

This time he's turned his creative hand to supporting the British Red Cross with Refugee Week.


Famous refugees descent on London

Lord Rogers, the architect behind the Millenium Dome/02 Arena, at work in Greenwich Credit: Matthew Percival

A hoard of famous refugees have descended on London to highlight Refugee Week. Well, mini versions of them have. The creations, made by street artist Marcus Crocker, have been distributed around the capital.

Syrian Refugees and a red cross worker Credit: Matthew Percival

The project by the British Red Cross aims to draw attention to those who were celebrated in their own fields and fled persecution to find sanctuary in Britain.

Lucian Freud painting his famous portrait of Sue Tilley, known as 'Benefits Supervisor sleeping' (1995) Credit: Matthew Percival

'Miniature' bank robbery

Sir John Houblon was positioned outside the Bank of England Credit: Matthew Percival

The other figure that's gone missing is of Sir John Houblon, the first governor of the Bank of England. He was the grandson of a Huguenot refugee.

Sir John Houblon was positioned outside the Bank of England Credit: Matthew Percival

Making off with a mini Mercury

Freddie Mercury is one of two figures to have disappeared Credit: Marcus Crocker

Freddie Mercury is one of two famous refugees to disappear from our streets. The miniature figurines have been stolen after they were positioned on streets around the capital to mark Refugee Week. The iconic Queen frontman fled the Zanzibar revolution with his family in 1964.

Freddie Mercury was positioned outside the Dominion Theatre Credit: Marcus Crocker

Refugee figurines stolen

Figurines of famous refugees, including Freddie Mercury, have been stolen from London's streets. Hand crafted by Marcus Crocker, the series of miniatures has been dotted around the capital to mark Refugee Week.

They were due to remain until Sunday, but there are reports some have already been stolen.


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