Boris welcomes TfL spending

Mayor of London Boris Johnson welcomed a big boost - a grant of £925 million in 2015/16 rising to just over £1 billion by 2020/21 on top of enhanced borrowing powers to fund transport in the capital.

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Mayor secures £500m borrowing for Tottenham housing

Haringey Council’s plans for the major regeneration of Tottenham received a major boost after the government agreed a £500 million borrowing guarantee for the programme.

The deal means the council, Greater London Authority and private sector could press ahead with financial security for its plans to transform the area, which include thousands of new homes and jobs as well as better transport links, leisure facilities and business workspace.

Today’s announcement also included an agreement that Transport for London will take over management of the West Anglia train routes through Tottenham, as well as the £90 million electrification of the London Overground line through South Tottenham Station.

Boris Johnson to speak at Crossrail site

Boris Johnson speaks during the official unveiling of the tunelling machines Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Boris Johnson is expected to visit the Crossrail site at Tottenham court road later.

The mayor will be questioned on yesterday's government spending review.

A commitment of £2 million was made to look into the north-south rail link for cross rail 2 in yesterday's spending report by George Osborne.


Anger over transport cuts and bloated wages

Spectacular sums of money paid to London's transport bosses were revealed today - just hours before the government announced where its spending cuts will be made.

Boris Johnson defended the payouts - many of them bonuses linked to how the transport network performed during last year's Olympics.

But critics question whether the capital's taxpayers are getting value for money


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Principles of spending plan: Reform, growth and fairness

The Chancellor has said there are "three principles to the Spending Round":

  • Reform: to get more from every pound we spend.
  • Growth: to give Britain the education, enterprise and economic infrastructure it needs to win the global race
  • Fairness: making sure we are all in it together by ensuring those with the broadest shoulders bear the largest burden and making sure that the unfairness of the something for nothing culture in our welfare system is changed.
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Poll: Respondents want NHS to be protected from cuts

A poll by YouGov asked people to pick the area of government spending that they would most like to see cut and protected.

Top three areas respondents would like to see cut:

  • Overseas aid: 70%
  • Welfare benefits: 39%
  • Environment and climate change: 32%

Top three areas respondents would like to see protected:

  • NHS: 76%
  • Education and schools: 53%
  • Crime and policing: 42%

The controversial area of defence spending split respondents, with 20% calling for further cuts and 17% preferring to see it protected.

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Miliband: Chancellor is 'breaking promise' to taxpayers

Labour leader Ed Miliband has accused the Chancellor of breaking his promise to taxpayers by perpetuating austerity well beyond the next election - longer than initially planned.

George Osborne will today announce cuts worth £11.5 billion to public spending in a bid to reduce the government deficit.

But Mr Miliband also denied accusations of hypocrisy for criticising the Spending Review when he has admitted that Labour would not be able to reverse the cuts:

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