Donkey art in St Pauls

Twenty five donkeys have taken pride of place in St Paul's Cathedral to show solidarity with the people of Egypt.

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Donkeys arrive at St Paul's

Some of the creations, which started life in Cairo Credit: ITV News

Twenty five life-size donkeys have been given pride of place in St Paul's Cathedral as part of an interfaith exhibition. They've been painted by Egyptian and Western artists, to show solidarity for the people of egypt.

They will inhabit the Cathedral until 23 September Credit: ITV News

All 25 donkeys have been transported from Cairo for the Caravan exhibition. Each artist, whether Muslim or Christian, was asked to decorate the fibreglass donkey, created by noted Egyptian artist Reda Abdel Rahman.

One of the 25 donkeys lining the Cathedral Credit: ITV News

The exhibition runs from today until 23 September, after which they will be auctioned at Sotheby's, with all proceeds going to charities in Egypt.


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