Essex rail fall 'not criminal'

An investigation has found no evidence of criminal activity after a pensioner in a wheelchair fell onto railway tracks in Southend.

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'No criminal activity' after disabled woman rail fall

Police have found no evidence of criminal activity after a pensioner in a wheelchair fell onto railway tracks in at Southend Central station.

The suspended rail worker has now been reinstated Credit: Press Association

A railway worker was suspended after helping rescue the disabled woman. The member of station staff along with three other people hauled the wheelchair-bound woman, in her 70s to safety.

Worker's duty 'was to ensure trains were stopped'

A c2c company spokesman has said a railway worker's immediate duty was to stop trains, rather than going to the aid of passengers. It comes after a hearing, which reinstated the employee. He'd been suspended after jumping onto the tracks to save a disabled woman who'd fallen.

"While the employee helped members of the public to remove the passenger from the track, he accepted his immediate duty was to ensure all trains were stopped.

"This is to protect the safety of all involved, including those who were already on the track aiding the passenger."

– c2c spokesperson


Worker thanks the public for support

A railway worker has thanked the public for their support after he was suspended for jumping onto the tracks to rescue a disabled pensioner. He was helped by three members of the public after the 71-year-old woman fell. The member of staff was reinstated today.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said after the hearing:

"This is a victory for common sense. Our member is a hero who should never have been facing the sack for saving a disabled woman from a life-threatening situation."Our member has thanked the union, his work colleagues and the public for all of their support."This incident has shown once again how important station staff are to passenger safety and security."

– RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

Railway worker 'reinstated' after tracks rescue

A railway worker suspended after helping to rescue a wheelchair-bound pensioner who fell onto tracks has been reinstated. The Rail Maritime and Transport union said the customer services assistant working for c2c at Southend will now return to work.

He faced a disciplinary hearing after suggestions he hadn't followed correct health and safety procedures.

Your views: Only human nature to try and help

There's been a mixed reaction on Twitter to the suspension of a rail worker in Southend who intervened to rescue a disabled woman who fell onto the tracks.


Southend rail worker 'not covered' if injured on track

There has been support for c2c's decision to suspend the Southend rail worker on our Facebook page. Do you agree? Add your own comment. Or tweet us @itvlondon.

Mark Baird I can see both sides to this story I work for a train company but the tracks are owned by network rail and not c2c the train company. I do praise the platform staff but the problem is the staff member is NOT covered if he had hurt himself while on the track.

Ray Moffatt As mark has stated there are rules in place too deal with situations like this ....... If the staff member had injured himself then it could have been 2 people under a train and not 1

c2c 'strict rules' mean worker had to be suspended

Rail operator c2c issued a short statement today. The company said it had nothing more to add while an investigation was still ongoing.

We have strict rules regarding the safety procedure for the quickest way of stopping trains in an emergency.

An employee has been suspended while our investigation into this incident continues.

– c2c statement

Rail worker 'should have been rewarded' not suspended

You've been telling us on Twitter that the rail worker in Southend should have been rewarded for intervening and not suspended.

Rail suspension is 'health and safety gone mad'

You've been telling us what you think about rail operator c2c's decision to suspend a worker after he helped to rescue a disabled women. Join the debate on Twitter @itvlondon or on our Facebook page.

Kate Horwood I couldn't watch as wheelchair person lay helpless on a TRAIN TRACK either if anything happened to the woman I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

Lisa Sanchez It's a quick reaction, well done to the person who helped her, shame on the company who suspended him !

Kay Butler The world of health and safety has gone mad!! Suspended for saving someones life......tut tut

Kelly Henderson-brooks Omg what is this world coming to ???? He should be praised for being a hero..

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