Teenager in Antarctic challenge

19 year old Parker Liautaud, who grew up in London, is aiming to break the 'pole to coast' speed record, skiing across the Antarctic in just 22 days

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Teen to attempt 400 mile Antarctic challenge

Do you know where you'll be waking up on Christmas morning? Well one teenager who grew up in London certainly does - he's hoping to spend the day in the South Pole, hundreds of miles from civilisation. 19-year-old Parker Liautaud is attempting to break the record for skiing across Antarctica.

Along the way he'll also carry out scientific experiments to investigate the impact on climate change on the area. Martin Stew went to meet him as he made his preparations - next to Tower Bridge.

Parker Liautaud: Factfile

19 year old Parker wants to set the speed record for crossing Antarctica
  • Born in California in 1994 to French and American parents, but grew up in London after his family moved to the UK

  • First Arctic expedition at 14 years old alongside renowned explorer Sir Robert Swan OBE

  • In 2009 attempted to become the youngest person to walk to the North Pole, at 15 years old- but the expedition was cut short due to weather conditions

  • By the age of 18 he had completed three expeditions to the North Pole

  • Currently studying Geology and Geophysics at at Yale University


Teenager to attempt land speed record across Antarctica

Teenager Parker Liautaud, who grew up in London, has announced today he is going to attempt to break the land speed record for crossing Antarctica - at just 19 years old.

He wants to cross from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole in 22 days, meaning he'll have to notch up over 18 miles a day in temperatures as low as -35°c.

He'll also be gathering snow samples along the way to help with research into climate change.

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