London 'worst place' in Britain

London has won the title of Britain's number one 'Crap Town' after a public vote to find the worst places to live.

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Your views: London 'not perfect' but fabulous & diverse

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Ray Kelly London is a great place/town/city. Have any of these critics been to Lancashire or Merseyside lately?


Your views on London's 'worst place' title

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Gold iPads and champagne: Why London is a 'crap town'

Danger, gold iPad cases, money wasted on champagne and an abundance of steakhouses have been cited as reasons why London tops a list of the worst places to live in the UK.

Partly it's the ridiculous bad taste of places like Mayfair (I saw a shop selling gold iPad cases).

Partly it's the glaring inequality - the fact that five minutes walk away from the City, where people are blowing thousands of pounds on single bottles of Dom Pérignon there are people who have to go to food banks to eat...

Partly, it's the danger. But mainly, it's those Aberdeen Angus Steakhouses.

– AUTHOR of Crap Towns Returns SAM JORDISTON

Your views: London 'too built up, too overcrowded'

Opinions are divided over whether London deserves the title of Britain's "worst place to live". Tweet us your thoughts @itvlondon or go to our Facebook page.

Lisa Jobson I personally don't like the place I find it dirty and overcrowded but im used to a small city where there are trees and fields all around couldn't ever live in a big city.

Capital of 'crap towns' gives Londoners a 'raw deal'

The author of a book which declared that the capital was top of a list of the UK's 'crap towns' has recalled complaints from Londoners who were polled on their opinion of the city.

London is crap for all sorts of reasons. Partly it's the misery of living there: the expense, the endless queueing, the standing on the Northern line with your nose jammed into someone else's armpit, the amount of time and psychological energy it takes to go anywhere or do anything

We were deluged with complaints from people who have to put up with the inconvenience of living in this expensive, hard city, with people from outside the city who feel London has given them a raw deal, taking away billions of pounds in the crash, and yet somehow managing to keep all the proceeds of the recovery..

– Author Sam Jordiston


'Deeply offended' by London label of 'worst place to live'

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Stacy Lucky Deeply offended by this critique. Love this place, it changed my life. If you don't like it here then there are many other places to live/visit.

Valerie Brook The pollution is disgraceful as is the destruction of working class communities due to the opening of endless trendy bars and overpriced restaurants, which leave locals no option but to move further out. Housing is pokey and overpriced, public transport is deteriorating again.

Your views: London voted 'worst place to live'

You've been telling us what you think about London being voted the "worst place to live in Britain". You can tweet us your views @itvlondon or go to our Facebook Page.

Paul MJ Never heard of "unbearable snobbery" before. London is not for everyone, that's the way it's always been. But considering that people continue to flock here, both for setting up a life or for just visiting, London remains and will always be a top city.

Martin Phillp Gentrification hasn't helped which has brought snobbery to former working class areas of the capital.

London lands 'Crap Town' title as the worst place to live

The capital as won the dubious honour of becoming the worst place to live in the UK, according to a new book which has polled members of the public.

The book, called Crap Towns Returns, rates the 50 worst places around the country.

Tower Bridge, hidden by fog. Credit: Jeff Moore/Jeff Moore/Empics Entertainment

Nominations, collected on the book's website, measured "grinding poverty" and "unbearable snobbery" as much as crime statistics, house prices, local facilities, transport and schools.

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