Doors open on moving Tube

Union leaders have called for an investigation after the doors of a packed Tube train opened between stations in West London.

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Driver 'immediately alerted' as doors open between stations

Safety systems immediately alerted our train operator after a Piccadilly line train travelling to Heathrow on Sunday was found to have two doors slightly open.

The operator brought the train to a halt, checked the doors and ensured they could be fully closed before the train was taken to the next station where it was taken out of service.

The safety of our customers and staff is our highest priority and the train remains out of service while we carry out an investigation.

– Nigel Holness, London Underground


Tube train doors open between stations on Piccadilly line

The doors of a packed London Underground train have opened between stations in West London.

The Piccadilly line train was travelling to Heathrow on Sunday Credit: Press Association

The Rail Maritime and Transport union claims a baby in a buggy was close to the door that partially opened on the Piccadilly line train on Sunday.

The union says the incident raises questions about the reliability of the trains, which it says are 40 years old but were not due to be replaced for another decade.

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