Arrest over young girl's death

A man has been arrested following the "unexplained" death of a six-year-old girl in south London.

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Father of Ellie bailed

Police have tonight bailed the father of a 6 year old girl who was arrested in connection with her death at her family home in South London.

Ellie Butler collapsed in Sutton on Monday - a post mortem examination has revealed she died from a head injury.

Ellie was a considerate and kind girl

Her headteacher Alex Clark, of Avenue Primary School, said the school community had been shocked by the death and their thoughts were with Ellie's family.

Ellie had many friends at school and this is a very sad time for us all. Ellie came to school every morning with a big smile on her face and was always giggling away about something. She was polite and well mannered and was a considerate member of the class, always kind and helpful towards her peers.

– Alex Clark, Avenue Primary School headteacher


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