Hunt decision over A&E reforms

Jeremy Hunt has backed the downgrading of two of London's A&E units at Hammersmith and Central Middlesex. Another two, at Ealing and Charing Cross Hospitals will keep their A&E units for now but could lose some services being offered.

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A&E reforms explained

Two of London's A&E units threatened with closure were saved today by the Health Secretary.

Or were they? Jeremy Hunt announced a major overhaul of emergency care in North West London.

Hammersmith and Central Middlesex hospitals will lose their emergency departments, while Ealing and Charing Cross will keep theirs - although in a different form. A decision critics said could mean a downgrade in all but name. Our Political Correspondent Simon Harris has the details.


'Deeply worrying' future for Ealing and Charing Cross

Labour says today's announcement from Jeremy Hunt is "deeply worrying". The London Assembly's member for Ealing and Hillingdon added:

"The Secretary of State had a chance today to announce Ealing and Charing Cross would stay open as fully functioning and resourced A&E units, but all he said was they will stay open 'in a different shape or size'.

"This sounds very similar to the original announcement on Lewisham Hospital's A&E, which led to the ill-fated attempt to downgrade them."

A review into health services in north west London has been carried out since 2009 Credit: Press Association

Changes to A&E services 'driven by local doctors'

Changes to services across north west London have been designed and driven by local doctors and healthcare professionals who know their patients best.

When local doctors tell me that lives can be saved and patient care improved, I will not hesitate to act.

Today's changes will put patients at the centre of the NHS in north-west London, giving them better access to care 24/7 at home, at GP surgeries, in hospitals and in the community.

– Jeremy Hunt MP, Health Secretary


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