Kilburn wheelchair ramp row

Wheelchair users in North London are battling with TfL after they removed an access ramp at Kilburn Station. The campaigners say the ramp was introduced during the Paralympic Games but has recently been removed because of Health and Safety issues.

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London Underground 'actively investigating' issue

Inorder to provide level access between the platform and the trains, LondonUnderground, in recent years, has successfully installed platform humps at anumber of stations and we now have boarding ramps at 35 key locationsacross the network.

However, Kilburn station was not one of these because the platforms are higher than the train, which means that the current design of ramp is not suitable. We are keen to improve on the work that has already been done to improve accessibility across the transport network and we are actively investigating what can be done to resolve this issue at Kilburn.

– Phil Hufton, London Underground’s Chief Operating Officer


Ramp withdrawn in May due to 'safety' issues

Jeff Harvey says the ramp at Kilburn was withdrawn in May this year Credit: ITN

Transport for London introduced more Manual Boarding Ramps (MBRs) on some platforms during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. They enable wheelchair and scooter users to get over the gap between the train and the platform.

Kilburn station borrowed an MBR from nearby Willesden Green station and used it for several months. However, it was suddenly removed because of apparent safety issues.

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