Copper Box Arena damaged

"Significant damage" inflicted to the floor of The Copper Box Arena has cancelled an international netball event there.

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Copper Box Arena damage: Owner makes statement

The Copper Box Arena from the outside last year. Credit: PA

The Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL)who owns the Copper Box Arena at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has made a statement about damage to the floor.

The damage was "sustained during amass participation fitness event that took place over the weekend", the GLL say.

Floor protection had apparently been installed by the Battle of London fitness event "however this was not sufficient and did not prevent damage to the floor".

Repairs are now well under way and the venue is expected to be fully operational within the next 48 hours.

Copper Box Arena: Photos of event held before 'damage to floor'

The Battle of London finals were held at the Copper Box Arena the day before claims of damage to the floor cancelled England Netball's matches.

The event sees hundreds of male and female "master athletes" compete for a £5,000 prize.


Olympic Park's Copper Box Arena damaged

The women's rugby team at the Copper Box during the Olympics. Credit: PA

Damage to the floor at The Copper Box Arena at the Olympic Park means England Netball have had to change the venue for their match against New Zealand.

Netball England said the matches had to be cancelled "following an event this weekend".

"The operator of the venue, Greenwich Leisure Ltd, has judged that there has been significant damage inflicted to the floor."

On Sunday, fitness exhibition 'Battle of London' was held at the venue.

The netball matches will be held at an alternative venue but for logistical reasons will not be filmed.

Anyone who has been bought a ticket will be offered a full refund.

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