Satellite image shows surface water runoff after floods

As the floods slowly subside, in some areas to ground is so wet it can't sink in.

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Three-foot deep sinkhole appears in south London street

A sinkhole has appeared in a street in south London. The Sutton Guardian reports the hole is around three feet deep and swallowed the wheel of a car in Maldon Road in Wallington.

Sinkholes are caused when the underlying rock is washed away - more exactly by the acid picked up by rain water as it passes through rotting vegetation.

That creates cavities underground which streams can flow through - the more water that flows the quicker the erosion.


  1. Meridian

High levels of bacteria found in Berkshire flood water

Tests carried out by scientists in the Thames Valley have revealed high levels of bacteria in the flood waters that have blighted communities for more than seven weeks.

Experts at Reading University have been testing the rising waters from the Thames and the Kennet which have turned roads into rivers and damaged hundreds of homes and businesses.

As, Mel Bloor reports, the concern is now for the health of those caught up in the floods.


  1. Simon Harris: ITV News Correspondent

Thames water levels stabilise, groundwater flooding 'a concern'

The Enviroment Agency says water levels on the lower Thames have now stabilised.

River levels on the Lower Thames have now stabilised... Water that is filling the Aqua-dam will be pumped back in a controlled way into the River Thames.

Groundwater levels continue to rise across the region increasing the likelihood of localised flooding, levels are likely to remain high for some weeks to come.

The risk of groundwater flooding remains a concern in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and parts of London.

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