Special series - Housing: A Capital Crisis

All this week, we're running a special series of reports on the Capital's booming housing market, and how Londoners are coping with it.

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Your views: Key workers being forced out of London


Your views: House should be a home, not an investment

Tonight, ITV News London is live in Greenwich for a special programme, looking at the solutions to the capital's housing crisis. Get involved by tweeting us @itvlondon, using the hashtag #capitalcrisis.

85% of high end properties 'bought with overseas money'

A report from independent think tank Civitas found that:

  • In 2012 85% of high end London properties sold were purchased with overseas money
  • Over the past two years only 27% of new homes in central London went to UK buyers, while more than half were sold to residents of Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Russia
  • Estimates suggest in the region of £5 billion of overseas cash will be spent buying new-build London homes in 2014

Your views: Limit levels of foreign investment in London

The debate continues over how to tackle London's housing crisis. Use the hashtag #capitalcrisis on Twitter, or go to our Facebook page. Do you want to see limits imposed on foreign investment in London? Have schemes such as Help to Buy helped kickstart the housing market or created a bubble?

Helen McGuire There should be a limit to foreign investment... I really don't know why people insist on living in London... If only people opened their eyes to what the rest of the country has to offer. A much nicer lifestyle for a start! Skills are transferable.


Your views: No one has a right to live in heart of London

Get involved in the debate about London's housing crisis on Twitter, using the hashtag #capitalcrisis. You can also have your say on our Facebook page.

Peter Kelly People need to be realistic and accept that they might not be able to afford to live exactly where they want to. With less than an hour's commute door to door, you can still buy a three bed semi with a garden for less than £300,000 and still be within a London borough.

Those of us born in the capital don't automatically have a right to live in the heart of the capital. Be realistic with your expectations.

Your views: Are foreign investors making London's housing crisis worse?

Get involved in the debate about London's housing crisis by tweeting us @itvlondon using the hashtag #capitalcrisis or go to our Facebook page.

Peter Field We need to curb foreign investment in our precious housing stocks. In Australia you may only buy one Australian house. We build, the Chinese (& others) buy, we still can't afford to live where we work. Surly this is bad for the economy as it forces all our export prices up.

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