Taxi drivers strike over mobile phone fares app

London's black cab drivers are to stage a strike over a mobile phone app which calculates fares.

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Up to 5,000 taxis take part in West End strike action

The taxi protest lasted about an hour and was generally good-natured.

There were around 4,000-5,000 vehicles taking part rather than the 10,000 predicted by certain sections of the trade. Traffic has now returned to normal.

As a result of close co-operation between TfL and the Metropolitan Police the number of other road users caught in the congestion was minimised. However, we are sorry for the disruption caused to Londoners by the taxi trade's action.

The important thing now is continue with the process to get legal clarity on the issue of taxi meters. I hope that the industry will join us in taking that to a conclusion with all due speed.

– Leon Daniels, Transport for London

'Business as usual' in Trafalgar Square after strike

Police say the taxi drivers moved on as requested at 3pm and Trafalgar Square was now "business as usual but with a knock-on effect".

Credit: PA

Paul White, from the London taxi branch of the RMT, said drivers want their rights protected in the face of what he called 'a threat to our right to ply for hire', adding:

"We want to go further than this protest today. We want TfL to understand that we're concerned about the laws being upheld. And we want that right to ply for hire enshrined in law."



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