Warner Bros to expand studios where Harry Potter was made

Three sound stages will be built at the site at Leavesden.

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Warner Bros expansion help keep UK 'on cutting edge'

For years the UK has been at the cutting edge of the creative industries - and we want that to be the case for decades to come. This comes back to two things - and the two things that I see being as the most important in my job.

One: promoting our culture. Music, film and television help inspire young kids and bring our country together - so I will always back those industries. And two: our long-term economic plan.

– Sajid Javid, Culture Secretary

Warner Bros to expand studios in north London

Warner Bros is expanding its UK studios in north London where the Harry Potter films were made. Three sound stages will be built at the site at Leavesden two years after a #100 million redevelopment.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince Harry seen during a studio tour in April Credit: Press Association

The studios are currently home to the new Tarzan film, starring Margot Robbie and Samuel L Jackson, which started production work there today.


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