Boris 'bruising showdown' over firefighter lock-out

Boris Johnson is on course for another bruising showdown with his fire authority over plans to lock-out striking firefighters.

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Boris 'has penchant' for riding roughshod over democracy

Now the mayor has ordered the Fire Commissioner to investigate the cost of preventing fire fighters returning to work between stoppages. But members of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority have passed an amendment calling on the mayor to reconsider.

I hope that the Mayor will now take stock and think again, but given his penchant for riding roughshod over democracy, I very much doubt this will happen. This is a narrow minded, politically motivated decision from the Mayor. Locking firefighters out like this would pose a genuine risk to the safety of Londoners.

– Andrew Dismore, LFEPA Labour member

The mayor was involved in another spat with members of LFEPA last year when they tried to defy his attempt to close fire stations.


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