Lutfur Rahman faces full inquiry into contested victory

Four voters in the East End borough of Tower Hamlets launched an election petition to try to get the election result 'nullified'.

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Lutfur Rahman faces full inquiry into his contested electoral victory


  1. Simon Harris: Political Correspondent

Voters claim re-election of Lutfur Rahman marred by 'numerous irregularities'

  • Voters claim the re-election of Executive Mayor Lutfur Rahman in May was marred by 'numerous irregularities'
  • The election petition alleges electoral fraud, intimidation and forged votes and calls for the poll to be re-run
  • Lawyers for Mr Rahman argue the case should be 'struck out' because there is insufficient detail in the allegations for him to respond
  • Rahman's counsel told the High Court the election petition 'is completely devoid of any facts'.
  • The hearing continues
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