TfL may refuse payments from 'copycat websites'

Unofficial sites charge customers an extra payment on top of the daily congestion charge fee. TfL is now deciding whether to stop accepting payment from them.

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TfL ask Londoners for their views on proposed congestion charge changes

Transport for London wants your views on the proposed changes to the way drivers pay for the congestion charge.

TfL has worked closely with Google and a number of other search engines to better enforce their advertising policies to ensure ads for Congestion Charge payments are not misleading or otherwise unlawful.

Customers should always pay via the official TfL website to avoid paying unnecessary charges imposed by unofficial sites and remove the risk of receiving a Penalty Charge Notice.

The proactive action taken by TfL and others has seen the number of payments being made by unofficial payments sites fall significantly.

This additional provision will make it even harder to operate an unofficial payment site that misleads TfL’s customers and is otherwise unlawful.

– Transport for London

TfL may refuse to accept payments from 'copycat websites'

Transport for London may refuse to accept congestion charge payments from unofficial 'copycat' websites which charge users an additional premium.

Congestion Charge sign in central London Credit: PA

TfL says unofficial 'copycat' websites can mislead customers, who often end up paying more than they need to for the congestion charge. Some drivers pay up to an extra £8 for what TfL calls "non-existent additional services".

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